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Education become a subject of movement in our Country. Many efforts were done by high society to desire the education for downtroden people. Education is a only way which can upliftment of the backward people.

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule fought against social economic religion, cultural and educational system. He devoted his whole life for human freedom & equality. He said that truth is a religion, universal familism and morality is the base of his philosophy. Our society is encouraged by the thoughts of Mahatma Phule. In our state the tradition of social worker inspired by the education and achieved valuable thought of education and Mr. Gangadhar Gade is one of the great leader, now a days who developed the same educational tradition in Aurangabad city. Gangadhar Gade has tolerate many problems to get education from his childhood in the odd condition. This same condition should not face by his community, so that with the help of his wife Mrs. Suryakanta Gade and the members of Dalit movement colleagues he founded the educational society name Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti at Aurangabad. In the premises of society there was slum area and there were people of low classess. There were various types of tribes in that slum area. There was a problem of food, shellter and clothes. The whole community was away from education.

There were many reasons that they remain away from education. Among these reasons lack of sense of education facilities and megre earnings. So that, to give education to these down trodden people he founded the same educational institution and he fulfilled his dream.

  • Providing quality education to society and economically backward class.
  • Bringing about educational and cultural development of rural people.
  • Bringing about social transformation through education.
  • Providing excellent facilities for hostel accommodation, physical education and value education.

Committed to become a leading “Centre of Excellence” in the field of Educational Technology and Science as a “Seat of Learning” with a National Character and International Outlook.

Strength, Endurance, Openness, Effectivity, Focus on Quality, an Efficiency